A young boy believes a shooting trip with his father will serve as a rite of passage to become a man, but the consequence of his decisions challenge more than he could have ever expected.

Director's Statement

Speech of Foxes is a mixture of personal childhood memories that coalesce into a single narrative about identity and the tenderness of self-discovery. I wanted to delve into an examination of the impressionability of young minds - we all look up to people, especially during our early years, and even the smallest, fleeting moment can have an everlasting impact on our lives. The young protagonist of the story is prematurely propelled into adulthood, encouraged by the unreasonable pressures of masculinity. Unbeknownst to such an innocent mind, the boy faces certain failure in every outcome of his ostensible rite of passage to become a 'man'.


Speech of Foxes is important - not just for me to share - but also for everyone to see and remember their own version of the same story. It serves as a reminder that we often get lost in being someone we don't need to be, and also as a stark display of how the development of toxic masculinity is unquestionably generational.

Speech of Foxes | An Australian short film by Corey Donaldson